REVIEW: Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do


Bleeding Knees Club are a rowdy teenage duo from Australia who’ve gained major hype overseas because of a steady string of singles and EPs. With their debut LP, the band have created an album of quick-and-dirty two minute garage punk anthems that fly by as fast and intensely as machine-gun fire.

The inspirations are obvious but varied throughout the album, from the slacker attitude found in bands like Wavves, and the classic guitar work and tempo of 50’s rock n’ roll.  Things get slightly poignant on ‘Beach Slut‘, with a slow-moving spoken word intro by vocalist/drummer Alex Wall, accompanied by a quiet synth in the background. That lasts all of… 34 seconds, before the band launch into their frenzied, hook-laden normal self again. Hooks are used constantly by the band to engrave each song into your memory, and they’ll get stuck there for hours.

The themes tackled on the record are by no means ground-breaking and the lyrics are devoid of any kind of depth, but there’s an endearing teen spirit throughout which makes the whole thing a lot of fun to listen to. They’re just straight forward tunes about angst, lust and boredom which anybody who’s ever been a teenager can relate to.

Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion/Blood Orange fame helped master Nothing To Do, but there’s not really any of his trademarks here. The album lacks the familiar bells and whistles of Hynes‘ work, with lo-fi production and bare-bones musical dynamics, it has a raw quality that really lets BKC‘s attitude glimmer.

With Nothing To Do, Bleeding Knees Club did what everyone expected them to do, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a collection of breezy, addictive skater punk that, while lacking in any longevity, make up for with a hell of a lot of passion.



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